Practically two years ago, true sooner than the sector shut down, my household and I went on a outing to Rajasthan, India. (Read extra about our outing right here). While there, we visited factories and ingenious studios and one of my favourite stops used to be at a brand novel pure dye studio. There used to be a diminutive backyard in the abet, a diminutive tiny lab, and a neighborhood of 4 women individuals experimenting with plant life, vegetation, and seeds increasing the most elegant color specimens.

It has been a joy working with them to assemble our most fresh high-of-bed series for our most in model ticket, Adore a Lion. These quilts and throws were all dyed with plant life from their gardens and the colours are giving me the total vibes. I also contend with how they express collectively vegetation and color–two of my favourite things!

Since cloth dye can also simply additionally be very negative to the ambiance, we’re excited and proud to hold begun the formula of designing with pure dyes and hope so as to continue offering merchandise like these that tread a bit extra lightly on mama earth.

We hope you revel in cuddling up with these as great as we enjoyed designing them for you!

Adore a Lion is on hand exclusively at Jungalow. The pure dye series is on hand right here.

Product Photos by Sara Toufali for Jungalow. Photos from Pure Dye studio in Rajasthan by Justina Blakeney

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